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Statement Assessment Group

At Incom we understand that credit card processing can be frustrating. Our aim is to take the pain out of the entire process, thus allowing you to do what you do best — run your business.

If you have ever looked at your statement and wondered what it all means, we are here to help. Do you know what an EIRF charge is? Do you realize that rewards cards cost your company more than the regular credit cards? Do you know what interchange is? If you don’t we need to talk.

Give one of our Analysts a call for a free and confidential review and assessment of your statement.

We will walk you through your statement and explain what everything means. We will point out hidden charges and tell you whether your current pricing matrix is best suited for your particular kind of business.

If our assessment does nothing else, it at least provides you with checks and balances to ensure you are processing in a manner that maximizes your revenue.

And, if we cannot beat your current deal, we will give you $100, no questions asked. What do you have to lose?