About Us

With over 20 years in the credit card processing business, Incom has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you. We understand that credit card processing can be frustrating. Our aim is to take the pain out of the entire process, thus allowing you to do what you do best — run your business.

Our small but mighty team will give you personalized service and Incom will remain beside you for a lifetime.

Incom Difference

Incom Direct is a uniquely positioned player in the merchant services industry. Most merchant services companies and providers have exclusivity agreements with one of four major processors (First Data, Global, Elavon or NPC).

Rather than being tied to one processor and one rate, Incom has relationships with all four processors and therefore has access to many different rates and programs. What this means for you, the Merchant, is that Incom obtains competitive bids from several processors and then assists in making the best choice for your business.

Incom’s role as a Merchant Services Advocate goes beyond pricing and rates. After selecting a rate and pricing program specifically designed for your business, we assist with applications and expedite approvals. We also help our Merchants choose the best hardware and software for their processing needs, and our technicians will ensure that your installation is seamless and painless.

Incom takes merchant services a step further by maintaining lasting relationships with our clients.

We do this in several ways, not the least of which is the access our clients have to an in-house customer service and tech department that offers round the clock service, 365 days per year. If you experience a processing problem, whether it is a hardware malfunction or your money has been lost in the digital netherworld, just call and we will handle it.

Finally, Incom strengthens and nurtures its merchant relationships by performing regular and periodic “well checks.” Our Well Check program includes:

  1. Calls from our staff to ensure transactions are processing smoothly
  2. Letters from our analysts explaining your statements and savings
  3. Visits from the Incom Team just to say hello

At Incom we believe that credit card processing should be simple. We also believe that electronic funds and value transactions are something more than a necessary cost of doing business in today’s digital world. We have designed and offer innovative programs that — using your existing technology — drives revenue back to your company and turns your point of sale equipment into a profit center.

Incom Advantage

Incom is able to negotiate and obtain lower rates for all its clients, regardless of size. Over the years, Incom has built thousands of Merchant/Client relationships. There is, of course, strength in numbers.

When we approach processors and make rate requests for you, we do so from a position of strength. We use our collective buying and purchasing power to obtain the best possible rates and programs.

Suppose you are starting a new company called Acme Widgets. When we call the processors and ask them to make competitive bids for your business, we are not calling just on behalf of Acme Widgets.

The processors understand that they are dealing not only with INCOM and with Acme Widgets, but also with all of INCOM’s Merchant Clients – including KFC, Texaco, Taco Bell and Blackjack Pizza.

Imagine getting the same rates as these companies! Stop imagining and let us make it a reality.

Incom History

After being on the merchant side of processing for many years, in both retail and restaurant, Janet began her merchant services career in 1997 with a small merchant services company located in Denver. Janet built this company into a major merchant services provider in the Colorado region but in the process became dissatisfied with the traditional merchant services model – which focused on processors and providers.

At that point Janet decided that she needed to form her own company – one that focused on the needs and desires of Merchants rather than the dictates of the processors. Janet then created an organization – the first of its kind in the industry – with a unique mission and a unique goal: to place Merchants first.

Janet realized this vision by forming Incom Direct. Incom is not a merchant services provider – it is a Merchant Services Advocate.

Since Incom was formed in 2002, it has carved a unique niche for itself in the merchant services industry. Under Janet’s continued leadership, Incom has created a reputation for integrity and service second to none.

Incom today boasts one of the best in-house customer service and installation departments available to merchants, and provides consulting services related to every aspect of credit card processing and electronic funds transactions.